Standard grade

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All our standard grade timbers comprise at least 40% of wood free from defects and sapwood and at most 60% of wood having from 1 to 3 marginal defects, according to the surface area of the pieces, and a tolerance for sane sapwood that does not exceed 10% of the width of a piece.

Knowing that each timber may present defects characteristic to its species, the marginal defects generally allowed in our products are those corresponding to the FAS grade rules.

Each request being unique, our buyers should define clearly their quality requirements, in order to be fully satisfied with products matching their specific needs.

The basic sizes for our sawn timbers of standard grade are listed below:

Length: 2220 mm and more (+ 50 mm of crosscut allowance)

Width: 150 mm and more (+ 10 mm of crosscut allowance)

Thickness: 50 mm and more (+ 5 mm of crosscut allowance)

Standard surface of timbers: 0,33 m2 and more.