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Wood is a unique material we should respect, considering the central position of forests in the ecosystem and the fundamental role it has always played in our daily lives.

It has major assets with its numerous properties and uses. Used as a fuel, wood emits a healthy heat and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. Its thermal insulation and soundproofing capabilities also allow important savings related to energy consumption. Used both for interiors and exteriors of buildings, its large range of qualities brings nobility and comfort to our life space.

The diversity of timber species and the immenseness offered by the forests of certain developing countries can be transformed into an opportunity to fight poverty, which is one of the main causes of deforestation.

We wish to promote an ecological product to which we add value by working with local expertise. This is the reasoning behind AFROXYL SARL investing in the Democratic republic of Congo, installing a saw mill and a kiln, allowing the company to provide high-quality products in both local and international markets.