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The sale of goods on the local African market, which represents more than half of our activities, is under the responsibility of our commercial head office based in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Exported goods are marketed by Afroxyl SARL, who plan imminently to open a stock and distribution warehouse in the south of France (Région Rhône-Alpes).

Since Afroxyl in France does not hold a monopoly on the distribution of timbers prepared by AFROXYL SPRL’s saw mill, potential distributors interested in our products can contact us regarding direct supply from the saw mill.

Each client or partner being unique, one of our priorities is to work together in a friendly manner. We are very willing to discuss choices, dimensions, prices and delivery agreements in order to find the best way to meet your requirements.

Terms and conditions are thereafter established under a legal contract whose aim is to ensure entire satisfaction to both parties.