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Afroxyl is the common name of the two companies specialised in logging, wood transformation and wholesale. The companies were founded by Mr M’VI YAMY Rémy, two years after the creation of the GANEC SARL in the Republic of Benin, his first timber wholesale company.

Afroxyl SPRL is a Congolese company which supervises the logging activities and wood transformation. It is registered under the number KG/701/M at the registrar’s office of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and listed at the Trade Ministry under the number ID NAT 01-022-N48403R.

This company is also listed in the Trade Register of the DRC under the number 076/007.

Afroxyl SARL is a French company in charge of the marketing, customer services and sales of Afroxyl SPRL’s products. Registered under the number 499 859 940 000 11 (SIRET) at the French registrar’s office in Lyon, its VAT number is FR 87499859940.